Try never to forget


As I sat on my stairs, cleaning my banisters I thought this is it.  I’ve survived over half a century & the best I’ve got is cleaning fucking banisters.  Flash wipes in hand & a throat full of chemicals I cursed whoever the smart arse was who thought it a good idea to paint banisters white.  Fuckin idiot.  I turn my head to another idea some fucking half wit came up with.  Artex.  Fucking artex in some shite fan design is on the 40ft of hall walls that I have. Anyone who’s attempted to keep artex covered walls  will tell you it’s not fun.  Every little crevice seems to attract dirt.  I’m sure someone was having a joke when that little light bulb idea was created.  As I stood across from my Buddha filled display unit I seen it.  I hate it & it follows me about like a bad fucking smell.  Fucking dust, how the hell it finds it’s way into my hall is anyone’s guess but it does.  Funny how a cleaner never finds there way into my hall.  Why can’t I just have a cleaner for all those boring jobs I hate.  I would happily clean my toilets but dusting?  Life is way to short for that shit except I hate things looking neglected.  Actually me entire house looks neglected & that’s my biggest problem.  No matter how much I clean it never looks good enough.  Not because it’s dirty but because like me, its just a tired old house,.

I have options.  I could let it piss me off or I can just do what I do.  I do my very best when I just say fuck it & do my thing.  I’m going to stick some One Direction singing History on repeat & get on with it.

Comments welcome

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