Scarey shit


I actually spat out my coffee whilst reading this.  I am dreading menopause but hope that since my Mother had virtually no symptoms neither will I.


Fuckin wit??

I may start typing Scots words but I’m ragin.  I got a comment on an entry that didn’t need moderation.  Some cheeky bastard called me a silly cunt.  It may just be me but I detest the word cunt.  It’s crude and unnecessary.  I traced the ip address  so not so much  a silly cunt.  Who the fuck calls someone a silly cunt in type.  Fuckin cowardly boot/prick.  My first thought was aye cos ye’d call me that tae ma face n live.  My second thought was ye fuckin wit, ye called me a fuckin cunt??  Fuckin wide’o gettin bold.  Aye cos it’s hard to keep your language in check online????  I have never in my almost 10yrs of blogging every had a comment like that.  If I ever get one again I’ll do more than just look up the ip address.   One should only get wide when one knows who they’re dealing wi.   Clearly they have no idea haha.   Omfg, the world is full of idiots.

Sunburn &Indigestion

We’re heading towards bedtime.  Today was a strange old day.  Work was tedious & without meaning to I’ve changed my day off to suit Mr Manager. 
My kids gave me a stress free evening which is weird.  Are they up to something?  Maybe they’ve broke something I love & I just haven’t noticed yet.   I’m in a worry free zone & I am so trying not to.  I should maybe put teeny notes under my kids pillows that say please don’t cause me any worry.  I’m not sure that would work but I can dream. 

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Head down & keep moving

I’ve kind of decided how I’m going to proceed with the rest of my life.  Monumental stuff eh?  I’ve decided that I’m going to keep my eyes looking in front of me.  I’m going to keep my head down & I’m going to keep moving.  I will absorb the shit that my children throw & my God, they can throw some serious shit.  What I won’t do is buy into the blame game or the I can’t cope screams.    As my children have grown my patience levels have been stretched to the limit.  I kind of get that sooner or later I’m likely to snap & I can’t have that.  I need to stay in control because frankly, I have to.   I ooze dependability & I have developed a calmness some wouldn’t believe.  Actually I sometimes don’t believe it haha..  Just because I can absorb crap doesn’t mean I will.  I’ve ran out of fucks to give.  I always knew I would even if no one else realised.

I have untangle myself from a couple of my kids drama’s.  That doesn’t mean I don’t support them.  It just means I’m not part of the drama & I don’t want to be.  I’m actually sure that they can stand on the feet God gave them.  Bringing me the drama is just making me feel sick with worry.  I’m seriously way to old to be worrying about things that may never happen.  I’m away to recite the serenity prayer & hope God is listening..