Lets get things sorted

*Before I start  if your called Keen Runner in FB step away from my profile & my blog.  It’s weird & creepy.

I had been invited to a wedding today.  I avoid wedding, every wedding I’ve attended has ended up in divorce (seriously!!).  The friend who was getting married has been married twice before.  Her partner had been married three times before.  Um, my first reaction when I heard they were getting married was to laugh.  Seriously they’ve had five marriages between them.  What makes them think this one will be any different (I know, I’m cynical).   My non attendance has hopefully increased the chances of success.  I’m a big fan of marriage.  I hope it works out for them.  Is it bad that my brain is saying yeh so it will haha.

So today.  What a waste of life laundry is.  My 3 sons had accumulated 6 huge bags of laundry.  My little darling had created a carpet of clothes that I couldn’t stand.  They went out today so they came home to a tidy, clean room.  My disgruntled sons looked at me as if I’d removed the bedroom floor not tidied it.  I wasn’t looking for gratitude but to come in & moan was taking the piss.  I ignored the cries of where are our clothes.  My washing machine may be ultra quiet but they could still hear it.  My 2 tumble driers could be heard.  I honestly think my kids walk about in pretty sealed bubbles.  They don’t even appreciate my wrath.  Everyone with the exception of my kids know when I’m hacked off.  I’m not sure why my kids find it amusing when I’m fuming.

Tomorrow will be a day of lock down at least for me.  I’m going to crawl my way through the laundry pile, do some form filling & hopefully cook a dinner some will eat.  I could pretend I’m going to stay chilled & relaxed when ploughing through the washing but I know I’ll be fuming all day 🙂  I’m just going to hope the weather is nice..


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