Here we go again

How long has my baby child been in high school?  4 days.  I had almost 4 full days worry free before school phoned & ask me to remove him.  For the few short days he’s been attending he’s been called names by another 1st year.  My son threatened to batter the other child.  Bully boy attempted to apologise & my son would hear none of it. Bully boy told a teacher perhaps fearing for his own safety.   The school removed my son from class & phoned me to take him home.  I refused to go pick him up.  It’s a time saving exercise for them & I refuse to play.  When I said I would only take him if he was being excluded or suspended because that’s what the law in Scotland says they were quick to point out Nicky had calmed down but they had worries about home time.  Um I’m pretty sure Mrs Pupil Support Teacher is looking forward to our meeting tomorrow.  I have a few questions like how come bully boy wasn’t removed from class.  Has he no history of anxiety so they think they can deal with him?   I’m annoyed for Nicky & bitterly disappointed that he felt pushed so hard he threatened another boy.  Tomorrow is another day I guess.


Comments welcome

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