Here you go

Perhaps I didn’t make myself clear.   I think it’s boredom that brings you here.   Notice I only mentioned your bored moments not your pissed ones.  I wouldn’t trust you drunk either but I think I liked you better when you were.  Maybe your afraid you’ll get caught & that would be a hard one to explain wouldn’t it?    I did request that you didn’t hit on the life, liberty post.  Also I’m pretty sure I warned you about recurring dream.  The teeny from troon one I can’t be sure about so I’m hitting out a nice request, cut it out.  I get your trying to wind me up & your succeeding.  So this one is just for little old you because of course I remember.  You can hit on this as often as you like.  I’ve typed these words just for you.   I’m struggling to understand because you got the life you wanted.  I know your here & I’ve acknowledged you.  I’ve just kicked the ball back at you, your turn.


One thought on “Here you go

  1. Decaf White, No Sugar December 12, 2016 / 20:56

    Reblogged this on Decaf White and commented:

    You do understand that I do see what posts you read don’t you? Um I can’t remember what I originally said when I requested you stop reading the 3 mentioned posts. God, I’m to old to remember shit but I did tell you. Back at you.

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