It’s always me

shit going on

I’m the type of person who can skip merrily along looking & acting like everything is fine.   Sometimes though its not.   I hadn’t seen my sister for three weeks.  People who know me usually guess somethings up.   By my very absence she knew something was wrong.  I usually tell Kate most things but this is something I won’t share.  She knows I shut down & retreat into myself.   Kate likes to prod & whilst it’s not a secret I’m choosing not to share this one thing.

I can’t fix everything but I so wish I could.  I wish I could toughen up but I can’t.  I really am a sodding marshmallow & thinking myself tough isn’t making a difference.  I get tired of being the one who always absorbs  shit.  I’m getting tired & overloaded by other peoples dramas.   Somethings & some people just leave me speechless whilst my brain screams fuck off..


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