And why not

Why would someone knew start poking about in a blog?  I’d like to think it’s some mad alien but why would an alien be visiting the Uk haha.  Would someone jump into a blog without knowing any history?  Okay so it might just be my nerves janging but since last week I’ve noticed some weird activity in my stats.  At first I shrugged, then I thought it was Barry but he’s a nosey git so he’d go further back.    Given that its from a google search & it keeps happening its not a mistake.  I’m beginning to feel uncomfortable.

Ian, you know I know your here so lets just say that’s a given.  The times you visit are pretty constant. Tbh, your a bit like medication, 3 times a day.   Could you just stick to your normal times & don’t deviate.    If I can’t work out whats going on rather than who because it could be anyone; I’ll have to do summit.


Comments welcome

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