Who knew this ??

Whilst searching through my 2007 posts I found a post I loved that reminded me that I’m an okay human being.  I had so many set to private I had few to read.  I’m not quite sure why I’d set so many posts to private but had left a glaringly obvious one public.  It’s sorted until the next glaringly obvious one appears in my stats.  I hate reading stuff I’ve written previously.

Today work was a drag.  Customers moaning & a crashing till didn’t impress me.  I was even less impressed when Mr Manager made coffee & I didn’t get any.  He did say he didn’t like my chilled attitude today.  I don’t jump up & down on demand.  I don’t dance to anyone’s tune & I’m certainly not stressing about stuff I don’t get paid to stress over.  That’s his job & he’s welcome to it 🙂


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