It certainly does


Sometimes in life it’s easier to answer questions in a vague fashion.  I work with a guy who thinks he’s better than me.  He asks me questions & he doesn’t  hide the fact that he’s just being nosey.   He’s heard snippets of conversations I’ve had & he’s jumped to conclusions.   He was gobsmacked when he discovered that I cook for my children every day from scratch.  He assumed I’d be a take-away queen.  I laughed but actually I felt quite insulted.   I often feel insulted by his superior attitude.  I think he’s a bit jealous of the fact I have more money than sense & I’ve got my own shit together.  I just thank God he hasn’t found this blog because he’d realise that I deal with a lot of shit which isn’t mine.  I’m not even sure he knows I have 7 kids.  I really dislike people who make assumptions about others.

The above is a true statement.  I know that not talking about my business is annoying the hell out of Mr Superior.   I can talk way to much, its a nervous thing I can’t help but it really irritates me.  I should have grown out of it haha.  I’m going to keep my business to myself for a while.  Mr Superior will hopefully move onto someone else.   It’s either that or he can find himself another job.  Goodnight world.



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