I’m ready

Boys new bedding has been delivered.  With a heavy heart I have to venture into the domain that belongs to my younger sons.  A 16, 13 & 12 year old sharing a bedroom is not ideal.  In an ideal world they would all have a room each,.  No ideal world here I’m afraid so sharing space is a necessity.  I don’t visit there bedroom often.  I respect the fact its not my room & only enter when it’s required.  It’s required today.  Under a bed lurks clothes, empty coke cans, discarded stuff.  It doesnt look  to bad but looks can be deceiving.  They’re not going to like Mum invading & Mum isn’t going to have fun either.  I am grateful for the fact that I’ve never found any bottles filled with urine.  I’ve never found anything that’s made me want to vomit.  They have never eaten food in there bedrooms so no discarded food items.  It’s now 2.30pm & I’m hoping I can be in & out in an hour.  I doubt it though but I can dream 🙂


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