When I got up this morning the toughest decision I had was what toothpaste to use.  I’ve got a decision to make about my work.  Stay where I am & have full autonomy or shift to a shiny new shop with Mr Manager.  I can’t have both so I have to make a decision & I don’t know what to do.  I love the shop I’m in but the stock wouldn’t be the same so the customer base would change.  If I choose to stay I’ll have fewer staff & more headaches.  If I move the new shop is 660 square feet, it’s huge.  Same stock, same old just new premises.  I said to Mr Manager this morning that I wouldn’t be staying in the old shop but I’m thinking that’s not for me to decide.  I should go where I’m asked to go.  I swear I have no answer so perhaps the decision should be left to Mr Manager.  Goodness, after however many years of working for him I’m finally giving his place haha.

You know what I’m going to type, I wish my Dad was here.  He’d know what to do & he’d have told me.  Why did his last words to me have to be do what you want.  I try to take that literally & sometimes I don’t have a fkn clue.


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