Mental note to self

Sometimes i can’t believe how dumb I once was.  To have a blog that can be accessed by typing my  name into a search engine was never my intention.  I’ve been amazed over the years by the amount of people who think they know me who’ve done just that.  Typing a personal blog doesn’t work if the very people your venting about read it.  The thought of that makes me feel vulnerable.

I’ve Nevet been able to work out a way to keep my blog open whilst losing the connection to my name.  Its not my intention to block anyone..  I just want it to be tricky enough to deter the curious.  You know the ones.  They want to know what makes you tick without putting in the effort of actually getting to know you.  I hate those kind of people.  I hate that they can creep about the http://www., snooping to there little hearts content.  The people in my life I do care about should never stumble to this blog.  The very idea fills me with horror.

When I engaged my brain I realised that I do know how.  All I have to do is change the email address associated with my blogs.  If its that simple I’ll be really annoyed with myself as well as hugely relieved. 

Ian, I’m not sure about you.  Maybe I just want to stop playing.  I’m old & I’m tired Ian.  With a shrug I’m typing the past can’t be changed.  We lived it but its a different time now.  I’m sute you realise you had a lucky escape haha.   I can be pragmatic when i want to be.  If you want something you go get it.  If you don’t you don’t.   Appreciate who & what you have now.  You have a good life, enjoy it without looking back. Goodnight world.

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