Never Again

I am never, ever tidying out ‘my cupboard’ again.  The huge cupboard outside my sitting-room has always been called Mum’s cupboard.  I have no idea where the name came from but I’m changing it.  It’s now called ‘not mine’.  Out of the cupboard came oodles (technical name for lots) of bedding.  Girls, boys & eldest had an obscene amount of duvet covers.  Sheets & pillowcases came tumbling out.  Random stuff followed, way to much to mention but the majority of it has been binned.  Most I wouldn’t give house room so it’s gone.  Just one more cupboard & I’m done.  If someone would give me a dig out & wave a magic wand over my coat cupboard I would be extremely grateful.  I know it’ll be left to me & I’m dreading it.  Every time I clear it out I turn around and its a mess again.   I would scream but that would take more energy than I have left today.


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