Be a nice person


I work with a woman who presses all of my buttons all of the time.  She talks over everyone who talks to her.  I was talking to a customer this morning & she butted in talking about something totally unconnected.  I struggle with self absorbed people & she’s so self absorbed it infuriates me.  I try to ignore her rudeness but sometimes I want to point out to her her totally obnoxious she is.  Of course I won’t because that’s just who she is & I wouldn’t want to hurt her.

I did have a fun moment when in walked Grant today.  He used to come in every week & I loved talking to him.  During a conversation he realised that I was a Catholic & he got weird.  He tore all faiths to shreds & stopped short of calling me an idiot.  I haven’t seen him for weeks.  He came in when I was off shift & whereas before he’d ask how I was he stopped doing that.   He didn’t see me until it was to late this morning, he was committed to coming into our shop.  I greeted him with his usual ‘hi you’ and a smirk.  I still like Grant,  He has a twinkle in his eye & he’s interesting.   I don’t judge people & I certainly don’t take anything said about faith personally.   He obviously felt uncomfortable & his avoidance of my shop when I’m on shift made that obvious but I treated him as I always do.  I hope we can get back to the way we were but I seriously doubt it.   He’s missing out on great conversations as am I but I’m sure we’ll both get over it.   It’s a sad reflection of the world we live in.  We judge & condemn people because we don’t agree or understand there beliefs.  Shaking my head in total confusion.





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