Day 18


My £2,000 (yes, that’s how much it cost) epos till had been playing up since last week.  How infuriating that I could put a sale through & the bloody drawer wouldn’t open; hence the keys.  This was this morning when after almost 3hrs of technical support it finally decided to work.  I love retail work.  If I’d known how much fun it is I may have chosen that career path.  I love the stats at the end of the day & I adore the sound of my cash drawer going Ding.  Most of all I love people & talking.  I was born to talk & in my job I get to chat as much as I want.

This evening got off to a rocky start.  It ended with 2 of my older kids lounging on my bed taking photo’s.  I dive bombed on top much to the horror of Joy & Jack.  The laughter soon stopped when I said I had wet myself.  It was a joke but I was laughing so much I couldn’t speak.  It’s funny when kids are horrified by the actions of Mum.  I should have fun with them a bit more often,. Photographic proof of fun is great except I look so old & tired.  But then I am lol. Goodnight


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