Tough Day

Today has been a hard slog.  Part of me wants to type about it & part of me doesn’t.  If I was to read what I feel typed by someone else I’d do a lot of head shaking.  I’m feeling pretty out of my depth & useless.  I should maybe just type it out, post it privately & move along.  Some days are just tougher than others.  This is where I’m going to type it will get better because it always does.  This is definitely a phone Dad day.  I would have told him & he’d have listened then given advice.  I’m not sure how he always came up with workable solutions but he did.  I could phone my Mother but she’s never been the understanding type.  She’s judgemental & she’d blame me whether it’s my fault or not.  I can tell myself that its not & tbh, I know it’s not.  I just need to hear it from someone else.  God, I miss my Dad.


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