Insulted much

I spend some time in my sisters house most Saturdays.  She had botox on her neck & shoulders this week so I did more than I normally do.  I changed her bed & scrubbed her toilet.  I know, I love cleaning toilets.  I moved onto putting her shopping away & washing her dishes.   I don’t mind doing stuff for her.  She got the duff genes whilst I got away with it.  It’s never been an issue between us & I am happy to be able to help her.  I think she sometimes forgets I’m an adult though.  Today she went into lecture mode & I usually humour her but when she called me a dumb fuck I was gobsmacked.  Who talks to someone helping them like that.  I ignored it so she did it again.  I did laugh because to be fair she was right haha.  I waited an age for my taxi home.  I came in freezing cold because I forgot Kate doesn’t put her heating on & the taxi driver told me its 3 degrees although Kates home felt so much colder.  I should learn to work her thermostat haha.

I’m seriously tired & in need of my bed.  It’s lovely coming home to my wonderfully warm house.  Fireworks are unbelievably loud coming from my neighbours gardens.  My usually chilled dog is quivering, refusing to leave his bed under my stairs.  Between scaffolding being put up at the front, back & side of my house & Polish guys going up & down it for the last fortnight his nerves are short.   Even a peperami can’t budge him out,.

My plan for tonight is to get warm & hold out for the fireworks to stop.  My 2 eldest are out at the fireworks display at Glasgow Green.  I’m just glad Jamie has his own house so they won’t come back to mine tonight.  I’m past the age for enjoying myself 🙂




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