Not so much

Dinner was cooked & ate.  I’m pretty sure some of my family just inhale food.  They no sooner get it served & they’re finished.  In five hours it’ll be time for my bed.  Between now & then I’ll have to dye my hair (I curse grey hair), look out clothes for work, do school ironing & persuade kids it really is a good idea to pack school bags tonight.  I have an early appointment tomorrow & will be out before 8am.  I’m not sure me not being here as they leave for school is a good idea but it can’t be helped.

I really need to see a Doctor but since my surgery only gives out appointments at 8am & I won’t be here in the morning I’ll have to wait until Tuesday.  I’ve got a bad UTI and it’s not going away despite drinking tea.  I hate the taste of tea but a Doctor once refused to give me antibiotics for the same thing & tea worked.  Sadly this time its not.  I feel like shit & going to the toilet is not a pleasant experience.  I know its just bad luck that I’ve got it but I wish bad luck would fuck off & visit someone else.  I’m gone..


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