Sad is

I noticed a change in one of my customers yesterday.  I tried hard not to notice that she was confused about her money.  I just thought she was having a bad day & put it out my head.  She came in today & wanted to pay with her debit card.  She put her card into the machine, put her first number in & couldn’t remember the rest.  We laughed but it wasn’t funny.  We took her card out, put it back & she put the four numbers in first time.  I’ve known this customer for almost 10 years.  She’s become forgetful & despite trying to fob it off she knows it.  I did mention it to one of her close friends that I know well.  I couldn’t live with myself  if I hadn’t.  Life can be cruel can’t it.  You work, bring up a family & when you get your life back your brain starts failing.  How tragic is life.


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