How much sleep is to much?

For me, I never get enough sleep.  I toss & turn frequently.  I rarely sleep all night.  I waken up often & can wander downstairs at any hour.  I feel like a kid when I hop onto my worktop to eat a bowl of cereal.  Mental note to self would be eat enough during daylight hours so you don’t wake up hungry at night.  I love how as an adult I can just eat what I want when I want.  i don’t stress about how much sleep I get & I never worry about it.  My eldest daughter has a clever app that tells her how much sleep she needs.  It pings when she should be in bed & pings ten minutes before her alarm goes off.  I was tempted to tell her to get a life but she thinks she already has.  I sleep when I’m tired.  I’d sleep more if I could but I have a house full of teenagers.  If I didn’t get out of bed no one would.


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