It must be me

You know you have a problem when your normally uncaring Manager asks if your all right.  Apparently I’m looking tired.  That’s maybe because I’m always tired.  I seem to get rid of one illness & jump straight into another.  I don’t moan to the world & tend to just get on with it.  I’ve skipped from a kidney infection straight into a bloody cold.  My nose is a wonderful shade of red & my ears are ringing a tune I’m really not liking.  Youngest child is being particularly sulky.  I’m pretty sure he’s just being sulky because he’s not getting everything his own way.  I just hope he gets over himself quickly.  That entitlement thing he has going on is very draining & I can’t be arsed.  I seem to be surrounded by self indulgent people.  From my Mother down to my youngest child, I hear blah, blah when they talk.  I’m perhaps just irked because I’m feeling like crap but actually, why are so many people so bloody self absorbed.  It might be a revelation but the sun does not shine out of one human being although convincing some people would take a lifetime.


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