Get a life


I am totally fucked off with people being prima donna’s.  I put a comment on Facebook, a simple comment about perfume & someone threw there dummy out of there little pram & it landed right at my feet.  I don’t give a flying fuck if someone buys me perfume’ I do wish they wouldn’t & I have told the repeat buyer that.  I have to admit that it gets tedious when it’s the same fucking perfume year in year out.  I get it, I was my Dad’s candy apple.  I don’t need a bottle of DKNY perfume to remind me of that fact.  Just because I say I like something doesn’t mean I always want or need it.  I am more than capable of buying my own perfume & that was the point I was making.  I’m typing it out here because I really don’t want to get into an argument on Facebook.  I hate Facebook, people take everything so seriously & I’m like wtf???  It really has taken the joy out of me spending £76 on a bottle of perfume I love.   And actually if you can’t even be bothered gift wrapping a present yourself & prefer to pay someone else to do it for you don’t bother.  If this was Facebook & I was being a cow I’d type Get your self to fuck & when you get there turn around & fuck off again!!!!  Seriously if you’ve no better reason to get bitchy other than me buying a bottle of perfume do you really have anything to be moaning about.  Seriously some people need to get lives that don’t revolve around themselves.  Now, I feel so much better & I’m off back to my Christmas shopping 🙂


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