Simple things

I love this song.  It was released in July & it’s a love it song for me.  I got messaged tonight when it was sung on The X-factor.  It’s a brilliant song but I don’t like sharing.  Everybody is going to be searching it.  My daughter Hope recognised it & said I’d be mad; I am.

So.  I hate to bring this up but well, I’m going to.  Noddy, whether your drinking because that’s who you’ve become or your drinking because your life is shit you need to stop.   I am reacting to that because I want better for you.    Have a week without alcohol.  Just a week, I’m not suggesting you give up for a lifetime.  Make up an excuse, do whatever you need to, just stop.  I hope you are reading because you need to be told that your drinking too much.  You can laugh because I care or you can recognise that I’m saying it because I do.  The choice is yours.


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