Whilst your still here I should mention I just blocked you on Facebook.  You would have guessed I’d do that right.   It would be cheating if I’d locked you out of here & left another door open.  I do hope your still here anyway otherwise typing this would be silly.  I hope we survive without each other..

I always feel so fortunate when I come home from Kates.  My world is chaotic in a weird calm way.  I can’t explain what I mean.  In my home their is usually raised voices.  Their maybe fights but my home is tidy & free from clutter.  I cannot abide clutter or crap perhaps because no fucker would tidy it up.  Kate’s world is a mess.  She is the untidiest person.  I’m scared to open her bedroom door because I don’t know what lurks behind it.   I’m reminding myself that life is way to short to worry about the state of a house.  We’re all going to be dead one day.

I’ve not done my reflective post this year & I’m not going to.  I can feel emotion welling up & that’s not good.  My year passed without any personal drama.  Some of my kids haven’t been so lucky but we’ll get through.   Tonight we’re partying large in my house.  I wish everyone of you a great start to 2017.  The whole book of 2017 is about to begin.  The 365 days have blank pages.  I for one am going to make them count.