Love it

I  went to the cash machine outside work today.  A woman came up behind me & started moaning on her phone that I was in front of her.  She wanted to take out her last twenty quid before she got her job seekers allowance tomorrow.  I took my cash & got a balance statement.  I left it on top of the machine & she picked it up.  I went back into work.  As she read it she looked towards me.  She got a smile which really was the middle finger.  I wasn’t in the mood today.  I had a meeting this afternoon that was cancelled with a couple of hours notice.  That sends me raj as if I have nothing better to do.

So, we had some good news in work today.  We’re moving to a new shop.  Mr Manager gets the keys tomorrow & I can’t wait.  I will have 3 access points with one right off a car park.  A bank branch is next door so no need to start a queue at a machine.  The new shop is three times the size of our current one so new staff will be required but we will survive with the staff we have.  A new shop over 2 levels will be fantastic.


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