Look away now guys

Breast abscess.  I’m just hitting out what I’m about to type about so you can click off any time you fancy.  I developed my first breast abscess when I was pregnant with my 2nd daughter.  My first daughter was 7 weeks old.  I develped an abscess the size of a snooker ball.  It was excruciating & because I was pregnant they wouldn’t operate.  I went to hospital every week to get it aspirated.  I didn’t mind the needles I just hated feeling sick.   That was my biggest one & it took 10 weeks to clear.  Over the next 18yrs I’ve had them rarely.  I used to have a nipple piercing & had a couple around my piercing site.  I haven’t had one for a couple of years.  I can feel them coming on & I usually sit it out.  They come up & usually just disappear.  I’ve developed one that doesn’t seem to want to shift.  Sitting at the top of my nipple it’s continually throbbing.  I think I’m feeling sick but that could be hysteria because I hate going to my GP.  I hate flashing my boobs to anyone & I don’t care if it’s a GP, they’re mine.  O fuck at least I know I’m not at the stage where I need surgical intervention, I’ve had that & it’s no quick fix.  I’m hoping tomorrow it decides to give me a break & fuck off.  I don’t remember them ever being this sore.  I wish that menopause thingy would hurry up so I can get rid of my fluctuating hormones.  Goodnight.




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