Such a productive day

Doggy was taken for a haircut today which gave me 4 hours without him.  Fudge has a bed under my stairs.  Fudge gets a cuddly toy every day & hides them in his bed area.   I had decided today was the day to clear his area out.  I got 6 large rubbish sacks filled with toys.  His bed was washed & moved to the back.  I did spray the entire area with bleach so he came back to his favourite smell.  He won’t appreciate the clean space but I do.

My crisis cleaning is almost over.  I only have my boiler cupboard to do & I’m done.  I have managed to turn my boiler off because i bled my radiators so cupboard needs done now.  Should have known, I always cause the boiler to shut down.  Happy days.

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