Early start

I ended up last night falling asleep at 8pm.  I had such great intentions for last night   I was going to get my online food shop done, do my school uniform washing, start my towel washing.  I have a mountain of towels to wash.  Instead I thought it was a good idea to play with my pooch on top of my bed.  Fudge decided we’d played enough.  He curled up & went to sleep.  I can close my eyes I thought.  Twelve hours later I open my eyes.  I now have mascara on my pillowcase.  I hate falling asleep with mascara on.  Little know fact about me, when I’m asleep my eyes water haha.  Weird thing that I’ve always done so my mascara is always taken off.  My brand new duck egg blue pillow has a huge dollop of black on it (GGGRRRR).  I can’t remember ever doing that.  I slept so long I’ve given myself a bloody headache.  I’ve been up for over an hour and I’ve done nothing except drink 2 cups of decaf coffee.  Must be time for a caffeine hit at McD’s.  It’s going to be a long day.


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