Who knew

Someone in work said this morning that I had an artisan temperament.  This was after a conversation about nothing really.  I just laughed because I had no idea what he meant.  Would anyone know what an artisan temperament is (just say no).  Me being nosey came home & googled it haha.  I always like to know whether or not I’m being insulted.  Artisans live in the here & now (true).  Artisans are optimistic about the future & cynical about the past (very true). .  Artisans make  permissive parents (sadly true).  The one that truly got me though was artisans are excitable as children and they never seem to get less excitable as they grow up (very me).  Boredom causes artisans to get stressed leading to reckless behaviour  (been there, done that).  I am an artisan!!!!!

It did say we are concrete in communication (nope!!).  We’re realistic & want to experience events in the moment.  We’re pragmatic in pursuing our goals  (I strive to be pragmatic in everything).  We’re not interested in following rules unless we can see the purpose of the rule.  The motto of artisans is ‘don’t get mad, get even’.  I follow the logic of this but only so far.  It can take me a lifetime to lose the mad before I’ll move on to getting even.  I’ve got the memory of an elephant if I’m hurt.   I tick more boxes than not.  If the guy was trying to insult me he didn’t.  I’m quite happy to have an artisan temperament.  I’m not sure those in my life would agree :0)


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