Funny truths


My girls dress like boys but apart from that it’s all true.  Boys are all out.  Eldest daughter hasn’t returned from her last night out.  Other 2 girls are just lazy.  They didn’t even make it to school today.  They’ve spent the entire day either in bed or lounging on a sofa.  I on the other hand have been to work, did that horrible house crap that always needs done & wrapped 3 peoples Christmas presents.  I’m about to prepare dinner & I’m in a seriously fucked off mood.  My Dr’s has suspended giving out dr’s appointments until after Christmas.  I’ve still got that bloody irritating abscess & it’s beginning to bug me.  I’m off to make myself a decaf & pretend it’s got caffeine in it.  I’m then going to sit on the edge of my decking & blow smoke rings just because I can..



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