Such a waste

I went to bed at 1am.  I wakened up at 12.05pm.  I hate sleeping half the day away but sometimes it needs to be done.  My boob abscess looks like it just might fk off.  I should maybe wish for my hormones to just settle down.  I’m so loving this peri menopausal shit but fluctuating hormones I’m not liking.  I get no hot flushes, no night sweats, no mood swings (I know, amazing!) & no periods.  It’s like a whole new me without the nasty bits.  Abscesses though I could so live without.  I am so close to menopause I could actually get excited.  Saying goodbye to periods & pain will be a relief.  I know many women mourn the loss of fertility.  Why would I.  I’ve had more than my fair share of kids.  After 40 years of them I certainly won’t miss periods.   I’ll be gutted if I ever get another one.


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