I’m easily pleased

I wake up & do my visit to the bathroom in a daze.  By the time I get back to my bedroom my happy feeling has started.  Today I have a brand new cardigan to wear to work.  Yep, a new cardi has put a smile on my face.  Fuck I’m old & I don’t care.  Kids are beginning to get the seasonal sickness bug.  You know the bug kids get that isn’t real but you play along with?  Yeh, boys have that.  Girls had it last week so it’s fair.  Boys accepted it last week so I’m hoping my girls will play nice (they won’t).

My day will be long.  Work for my coffee & biscuits followed by endless wrapping.  God I hate it but if I don’t do it it’ll never get done.  I’m thinking about dinner & what to cook.  I only got my shopping delivered yesterday & I’m bored with this weeks cooking already.  Keep it simple my head is telling me haha.  I don’t know why I stress dinner, kids will either eat it or not.  I’m off to start my day 🙂


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