Trust your gut

Despite having flu already this year I decided to get my flu jab yesterday.  I’m not even sure that I’m at any more risk than any one else, except I’ve had strokes.  My Gp says I need it so I did.  I should maybe have just trusted my gut instinct & just declined the kind offer.  I always get a horrendous lump on my arm which is no biggy.  What I’m not liking is I got a dodgy stomach.  I threw up tonight & I’m rarely sick.  I suppose being sick is a flu like symptom but I’ve never had that before.  I have got so much to do tomorrow & I don’t want to be feeling unwell.  Moan over.

So I’ve decided that tomorrow I’m going to cook soup for my Mother.  I’m still annoyed by what she did.  I had to frantically search for pj’s for my eldest 6 kids today.  I only found 3 pairs so I’ll have to do that shopping shit tomorrow.  I seriously hate walking through shops.  I can’t think of anything worse.  A bit weird since I work in a shop haha.   I actually had a weird day today in my own shop world.  I’m pretty sure a guy was trying to flirt with me.  We chat because he’s a regular.  I  look at him intently because he reminds me of one of my younger cousins.  I look at the way he tilts his head & moves his mouth.  I’m fascinated by how like my cousin his mannerisms are.  I can’t stand my wee cousin but I’m still fascinated.   He was telling me that the best Christmas present he ever got was his divorce papers.  I laughed & said I thought you were married to which he replied no, I am available.  I just ignored that but it was a strange thing to say.  I’m to tired to care so he’s been filed in my irrelevant folder,.


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