All mine

I go into my handbag which is a huge fiorelli bag.  As I’ve gotten older my bags have gotten bigger.  I pull out 3 bottles of perfume, 3 compact mirrors,  work keys, house keys, 2 bottles of body lotion, a bottle of l’occitane conditioner, various make-up including 3 lip pencils, various hospital appointment letters, my own HTC phone & a stray iPhone 5s.  A vest top & a t-shirt stuffed in a corner.  A packet of cigs are in a zipped compartment & the reason for going into my bag.  My lighter, not so easy to find.  That’s because it’s not in my handbag.  Then I remember putting my lighter on top of my empty pack before putting them on top of my cooker hood.  I curse my stupidity.  Who puts things out of reach of themselves.  No loitering for me today.  I’m off home for a nicotine hit. I’m seriously losing the plot today.

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