Annoyed is me

I made a stupid mistake & it was not my fault.  One of my daughters reads my gas & electricity meter for me.  Instead of giving me my day electricity reading she’s been giving me my total electricity usage.  Fk knows how long she’s being doing it that way but to say I’m annoyed is an understatement.  Add to that in central Scotland we have the Celtic/Rangers football match & Rangers are a goal up this is not the best of days for a lifelong Celtic fan like me.  As I’m typing Celtic have brought it back & we have a goal!!!!  I shouldn’t watch football.  My Dad has been reincarnated in me as I jump up & down screaming at the Tv.  It’s like he’s in the room lol..  I can’t watch an old firm match without reacting so best thing i can do is go out.

I’m off to put my Dad’s favourite chocolate on his grave.  I’ll tell him I’ll try to do better next year & I will.  Whether or not I succeed is a different blog post not yet created.  I look forward to next years blog posts.   It’s then time to visit Kate who’ll tell me that whilst she says shut this blog to search engines she really didn’t mean it.  Oops to late but if anyone could have changed my mind it would have been her but my mind is made up.  If its any comfort to any search engine users I’m not going to get away with not feeling it because I will.  Have a great afternoon :0)


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