Day 96b


**  Um, i was a bit dim yesterday.  I hate to admit it but sometimes I do dim.  Then I realise & laugh. I won’t repeat myself but i did put that I’d blocked you on Facebook which I had.  I don’t expect you to contact me but I don’t have a crystal ball.  I don’t want you anywhere near my reality, that’s a given.  I don’t want to shut you out totally either so your unblocked.  I can change my settings so you see nothing.

I had to load another day photo since I didn’t get permission from the people who were in my original day post today.  I’m not removing a picture of people I gave birth to so it stays here at least & I just won’t tell them.

I’m about ready for bed.  I’ve had a bath & put on a pair of pj’s.  Yes I feel silly putting special clothes on just to go to sleep but I’ve done it.  I have one more day off work before its back to reality.  Mr Manager is on holiday so I have control of the Mother Ship.  Hopefully by the time he comes back we’ll all have forgotten its a New Year.  Before I left he gave me a kiss & wished me happy new year.   It was all to quick but the guy should know better than to invade my space much less do the kissy thing.


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