Back to reality

Work today was mega quiet.  Our centre  didn’t have any heating on today so most people didn’t linger.  I’ll be surprised if we took enough money to pay our electricity bill never mind make a profit.    Today was just a hard slog full stop.  I did have the slightest of break throughs with youngest child.  He had wanted to have a sleep over with someone I don’t approve of last night.  I stood firm & he eventually accepted it.  I felt very proud of myself & of him.  Nicky doesn’t like backing down but when given no choice he accepted it.  I had so looked forward to a worry free holiday.  I realise that whether Nicky is at school or not the worry I have for him never leaves.  I’m going to curl up on my sofa now & finish the book I started earlier.  I’m going to appreciate the simple things in 2017.


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