I should get it

I have always been big on boundary setting.  It takes a huge amount to cross my line but when crossed I seriously loop the loop.  For kids I don’t use boundaries.  I use consequences.  Cross my line I will follow through with whatever I said I’d do.  That’s something I’ve learned from my youngest son.

I’ve mentioned three posts.  Just three inconsequential post I asked not to be hit on.  Familiarity breeds contempt, at least with me.  Last night when one was hit I just sighed.  Same post hit this morning & I’m not finding it cute.  I don’t remember what I said I’d do so I can’t follow through.  A new line has to be drawn.  The line is if you hit on any of the three posts in the little time you have left to access this blog I will PM you on Facebook.  I will only do it once.  I will ask you why.  Please don’t make me do this, just behave till you leave 🙂




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