Never, ever

I have the weirdest of thoughts sometimes.  I was standing at my kitchen sink washing my vast collections of buddhas.  Yeh, I could have found a million more important things to do but I hadn’t.  I’m going up & downstairs with my buddhas.  I have 2 teenage daughters home.  I can hear them giggling whilst I’m getting annoyed by how fkn lazy they are.  I should be picking towels up from my bathroom floor.  I should be putting in a load of laundry or unloading my tumble drier.  I could be putting the dishes away that are sitting on my drainer.  I don’t do that; ever.  Who fkn washes dishes & walks away leaving them? I’m getting irritated.  Anyway, the thought that popped into my head was I’ve never had sex in a car haha.  Jeez, I’ve had sex in weird places.  On a double decker bus,  under a bridge, up an alley haha.  The places you’d expect but never a car.  Why is that??  I think my mind just wandered to somewhere that didn’t involve my house or my kids.  It could be that I’m just needing some food or sleep, maybe both.  Fuck it I’m to old to care.  I hope one day one of my kids stumbles on this entry & are totally appalled that I mentioned sex.  That’s what you get for snooping & yes, I did have sex on a bus!!!!

I’ve just realised something.  For someone who’s usually mad busy for other people I don’t really have much of a life.  I’m not feeling sorry for myself because I’ve just washed all my buddhas.  A collection that I’ve built over goodness knows how many years.  I could have done something more ‘productive’ but I chose not to (woopee!!!).  I’m going to do more stuff for me because well, because I should.  I’m going to cook a meal for me that I like rather than what the kids like whilst I eat nothing.  I’m going to go sit in a coffee shop alone & watch the world go by (No phone!!!!).  I’m fkn sick of McDonalds drive thru.  It’s actually crazy how I always come last in the pile.  A bit more for myself shouldn’t be to much to ask.


One thought on “Never, ever

  1. asdfkitty January 12, 2017 / 00:23

    Yees! Please do that! I’m not in the position to give you advices but it’s important to do things for yourself too! 🙂

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