The fun begins

I’ve had my day off.  I can’t believe how quickly today passed.  My Buddhas are all clean & back home.  I didn’t get much else done.  I’m currently sitting on the edge of my bath looking at a sea of towels on the floor.  Why do they leave towels on the floor?  Maybe they think its fun.  They did the same thing last night.  I just pick them up, wash them & say nothing.  I’m not in the mood tonight.  I’m going to step over them & not worry about it.  I’m wondering how long it would take for one of them to scoop them up & take them downstairs.  Quicker if I do it myself.  I did it today, I’ll do it tomorrow.  It’s all so blah bloody blah.

Time for my bed.  My 7am alarm didn’t wake me this morning.  I was half an hour late getting out of bed.  I can’t afford to do that so I’m hoping an 8 hour sleep is enough.  Nighty night.

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