One step at a time

Sometimes I can’t take the bundles of crap that I find.  I go to look for something & find something ridiculous.  Today was my sitting rooms turn.  I looked in a unit & found an empty envelope.  How totally fucking absurd.  Who in the name of God would go to the trouble of taking whatever out of an envelope & then put the envelope neatly on a shelf.  I pulled the entire shelf contents out.  Three hours later & I’ve cleared out 2 shelves, 14 drawers, 2 storage boxes, down the sides & under my sofas.  I pretty much moved every thing that I could in my sitting room.  I was totally pissed off by the end of it but happy.  I rediscovered 4 Yankee candles & a £20 quid note.  I’m sorry it took my so long to clear out the hidden mess.  I seriously need to keep a grip on this room.  I took my eye of this particular ball & I won’t let it happen again.  I can go to bed knowing that for tonight at least my sitting room is a neat space.  It also smells fantastic thanks to a red raspberry candle.  Nighty night.


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