Another tick

Last night I got out of bed to look for a furry gilet that I have.  I keep all my winter stuff in my wardrobe at the right hand side.  I had been in my wardrobe & noticed it wasn’t where it should be.  That kind of thing bugs me so today’s task was find it.  I did but not before taking the entire contents of my wardrobe out.  I have a super organised wardrobe.  I have shelves for  my trousers which are all black.  I only own 3 pairs of jeans so they’re kept in a drawer below my jacket/coat wardrobe.  I never, ever, ever wear a skirt so I don’t have any.  I don’t do dresses either or dressy clothes.  I do smart but never dressy.  Anyway, gilet was not in my bedroom.  It turned out it was in my coat cupboard in my hall haha.  I’d never have guessed but I’ve obviously came home & tossed it over my chair.  Someone had at least hung it in the cupboard.  So now my wardrobe is at least re-organised & how often do I do that?  Too often.   I keep my summer clothes & winter clothes in the same wardrobe so I’m amazed that I noticed one item was missing.  It’s another job done & ticked off that list.  I did notice that I have way to many pairs of black trousers but I do wear at least 5 pairs every week & I change the style so I’m allowing them all.  :0)


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