Me no likey

I’m a very easy going woman.  Yeh, I typed that & it’s so not true haha.  I’m not high maintenance because I maintain myself.    I hate when people do things to help that don’t actually help.  I gave my OH a bit of not so friendly advice at the very beginning of this year.  You can help me by not helping me, do your thing as I do mine.  I don’t need help.  If I need it I can ask.  However, do your share.  That doesn’t mean what suits you but your fair share.   What I don’t expect is my OH to be a lazy git.  I don’t expect him to sit on his arse for hours at a time because ‘stuff’ always needs done.  This is why I don’t stay home usually on my days off.  My OH seriously yanks my chain & he has no idea.  Actually, if he took his head out of his self absorbed ass he’d realise a lot of stuff.  Bless him.  His ignorance is sickly sweet in a perverse way.

I get seriously agitated by fuckers who are capable of doing things but who choose to do fuck all.  My OH is like that today.  He’s sitting on my sofa seriously twanging every nerve of my being.  I don’t mention him often much less moan.  Seriously doing my nut in today whilst I have a to do list that will run until next year.   I’m off to take my frustration out on a bag of laundry that I don’t really need to do 🙂


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