No one can make me

I may be past middle age but I can’t help being immature.  I never sit on a chair like a grown-up.  It must drive people nuts.  Most are too polite to say.  Kate isn’t polite haha.  I have my very own chair in Kate’s.  I remove the cushions & sit down.  As soon as I take my shoes off my legs are on that chair.  Kate hates it which is a bonus but I’m just weird with comfy chairs.  I don’t care that she thinks I’m hopeless.  I once had a dream I went in & someone was sitting on my chair (!!!).  The absolute bloody cheek of it haha.

So tonight is going really well.  I am living proof that us oldies can have fun on a Saturday night.  I’m having a binge fest with episodes of Miranda.  A large Perno & coke with lots of ice in my tall glass.  I admit that my laughter is disturbing the 12 year old who’s asleep on a sofa.


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