It’s mine


I love my Tiffany ring.  I don’t wear it often but I know I have it.  A whole load of Tiffany jewellery came into work today.  I could see all the excited faces but it was fake.  I know the difference.  I have one ring & one bangle.  The cloth pouches are long gone but if your into jewellery that’s where the ‘real’ comes into it’s own.  The inside of the pouch is the same material as the outside.  The silk drawstring on the pouch matches in shade exactly.  i remember when I bought my ring.  I turned the drawstring bag inside itself.  I was amazed at how well it had been stitched together.  Not a stitch was out of place.  I can’t remember how much my ring cost but it wasn’t cheap haha.  In work I did the same thing to prove my point.  The care cards where wrong.  The logo on the pouches was off & the colour of the bag not right.  I hate to disappoint but fake is fake.  All I have to do is work out how to sell fake as fake & hope people are happy.  I suspect the customers of Cumbernauld won’t care.


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