Not for everyone

A large family is not for the faint hearted.  Personally, I was born to have one.  I love the chaos they all bring.  I’m actually really proud.  When I see them all together behaving I find my heart swells.  I could so live without the huge food bill.  I’ve just done my shopping for the week.  It came to an astounding total of £153.97.  Add to the the humongous £535.43 gas/electricity bill I’ve just paid, I’m paying out a lot of money.  The food bill I have to live with.  My gas/electricity bill whilst it’s huge I insist on a warm house.  I leave the lights on & who ever unplugs anything.  It just doesn’t happen in my world.  With every passing year it’s taking me longer to get back on an even keel financially after Christmas but that because I pay everything from my bank account.  Gone are the days when I thought it smart to buy with credit cards.  My bank account has still not recovered from Christmas but I know it will, eventually.  I’m switching off my laptop & unplugging it.  That’ll save nothing haha but at least its a teeny start :0)


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