Positive outlook

Today is Blue Monday?  I had to google what that meant.  Apparently it’s supposed to be the most depressing day of the year today.  I’m not sure how analysts can possibly work that out.  Are you any more depressed than normal because I’m not.  Granted Mondays can be a load of hard work but no more so than any other working day.

I wakened up this morning as did you.  I’m pretty happy with that.  Okay, I didn’t jump out of bed with glee.  I tend to move in a more sloth like fashion till I’m awake.  I did have some breakfast which was a dry slice of bread & yes, I’m wondering why too.  I love my decaf first thing in the morning.  It’s piping hot with little taste but it’s my drink.  As soon as my nicotine is in my system I really can’t find any reason to moan.  Okay, of course I could but heh-ho.  I just wish people would appreciate life more.  Moan less, appreciate more.  Life is way to short not to have a positive outlook.


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