Early to bed

An 8.30am meeting means I’m going to bed early.  I know its not going to be an easy meeting.  It’s hard to sit & listen to teachers who are full of praise for Nickys work ethic whilst being critical of his behaviour.  I’m going to sit quietly & listen.  Hopefully we can come up with a workable plan.  I’m not going to stress things I can’t control.  That’s a total lie because I will stress haha.  At least I’m organised so up & out is the plan.  I can dread it all I like.  I don’t get a choice about attendance.

I am so tired tonight.  Most of my teenagers where in wind Mum up mode right until bed-time.  I realised that I don’t have any close friends with kids.  How that happened I don’t know.  I really don’t know anyone who’s had teenagers & lived through it.  Everyone I’m close friends with are childless.  I wonder if I done that on purpose lol.  I’m off to bed,.  Goodnighty

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