Get over yourself

the meeting this morning at school was totally unnecessary in my opinion.  My baby child has attitude.  I wouldn’t call it attitude, I’d call it being assertive.    He gets that from his Mother.  He can’t help it any more than I can.  It’s just part of who we are haha.  He does however have a keenness to learn.  I bit my lip instead of saying stop talking about his one syllable replies to teachers questions & educate him.  Teachers see my sons responses as rudeness when the reality is he finds the questions he’s asked unnecessary.  Why ask a 12yr old how his weekend was, is it any of anyone’s business.  I am incredibly frustrated that since Nicky doesn’t fit into the ‘normal’ box he’s being labelled difficult.  He’s not.   It’s not his fault that he’s in tune with other people vibes.  Give him shit whoever you are, your going to get it back.   He’s very much a typical 12 year old who can stand up for himself.  Anyone who can’t take that from a 12 year old child should realise that’s there issue, not his.   I am so over sensitive teachers.  I’m just wondering if they’ll ever get over themselves because I already am.

Onto work.  I’m met at the door by a colleague who rushes to tell me the safe was left open.  I think that was supposed to be a problem but it really isn’t.  Mistakes happen & they frequently do.  I’m stuck in the middle of two older women disliking each other.  I don’t particularly like either of them so I’m staying neutral.  Hoping it’ll blow over is the option I’m going for.  I was warned this morning not to let Mr Manager manipulate me which was a surprise.  I’m now going to be looking at him wondering where the manipulation is haha.  I only get manipulated if it suits me.  I’m often surprised when people assume I don’t get what’s going on.  I do because my brain works & it works well.



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