How to spend money

I cringe whenever any of my teenagers say the words  ‘Mum, I need new boxers’.  I’m not sure why any of them need new boxers but when one asks, they all do.  If I say yes to one they all expect the same answer.  Boxers from Next cost £40 for 10 pairs.  That’s a lot of £40’s.  That’s actually £160 to be exact.  Big teenagers (1 daughter is included in that mix) means man size prices which can’t be helped but really!!!  Then I go to feeling guilty because if the boys get so should the girls.  I resent the prices of bra’s.  I just buy from a shop, not a great shop but a bra costs £16.  Three girls x 3 bra’s each is math I’m not doing right now because the shopping basket will do it for me.  I multi pack the knickers & since I only buy for 2 daughters I get off lightly.  My cookie daughter who I shall call non gender because that’s her current ‘call me’ wears boxers (big sigh)  Thank God I don’t need underwear haha.  I wouldn’t wear a £16 bra anyway 🙂

So tomorrow is a day off at least from work.  My OH has injured his back (my smile is on again).  I always feel like laughing whenever I hear a man say he has a sore back.  This particular man walks like he’s 9 months pregnant with a weird lean going on rather than bending down.  I don’t do sore back sympathy for anyone but I’m finding the silent whining grating.  He’s blaming my sofa’s & I’m expected to replace them.  I will go look but more to amuse myself.  He still hasn’t worked out I only buy new stuff when it suits me.  It’s not suiting me right now to change my sofa’s.  I know I’ll give in eventually if for no other reason than they kill my legs.  Long legs & low sofa’s don’t work & I am getting bored with the one’s I’ve got.  Okay it’s time for bed.  I’ve ran out of my stomach meds & its seriously giving me annoying pain.  I feel sick when I wake up & then the pain starts.  I know if I don’t eat enough I will get pain.  Mental note to self Jacq, eat.  I would have eaten tonight but I ridiculously put my own name into google search engine & lost my appetite..  The first hit off my name is this site.  It’s not enough to say a description of this site is not available if one click opens it up.  I know I’m just winding myself up but I just want it closed down now.  It won’t stop me typing but I’m over the pretend hide & seek thing since I never hid.  I’m seriously done playing.


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